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The vintage art.


Returning to the vintage influence wich exerted on other disciplines, let´s concede a section exclusively to contemporary art.

Many artists  use multiple and different end vintage furniture as a work tool.

Some seeks its purely aesthetic qualities and others delve into the poetic elements that underlie the recovery exercise of the recent past.

Gregory Crewdson creates unique spaces through light and furniture  and generates melancholic atmospheres wich are habited by people who walk in a misterious silence.


             gregory-crewdson-21   gregory crewdson5 eldadodelarte    gregory crewdson 5

 Erwin Olaf becomes an archaeologist of the twentieth century, especially the American 50´s. Taking care of every detail  gives each character an instantly scenography.There are solitary and thoughtful characters who generates in the viewer multiple questions. Each snapshot of this dutch photographer act like unfinished stories in which the viewer is required to make conclusives.



                     erwin olaf - caroline           Erwin Olaf - Hope 1    



 Jaime de la Jara put them like main characters of their photography and their scultoric installations.


                          jaime de la jara p     jaime de la jara p3    


Susy gomez includes in her last works vintage furniture wich refelcts aspects like history or over time. 

                         SUSY GOMEZ       SUSY GOMEZ2



Marta Soul Quijano, is another of the photographers who are seduced by the aesthetic power of twentieth century design.

                         MARTA SOUL QUIJANO             MARTA SOUL


 There are many examples that we could include in the Decalogue of artists who are, in one way or another, seduced by all conceptual and aesthetic possibilities offered by vintage and by extension the twentieth century design.





Vintage, a new way of looking the world.

The esthetics and the cult of vintage, which began as something restricted to decoration and fashion, has become a new way of looking at the world.

There are many disciplines in which we can see a clear intention to regain the esthetics of the recent past. In the case of movies, there are many examples that could be cited here, from an early "The Confindential" through "Single Man" up to the recent multimillionaire "Great Gatsby".


Television has not been left behind and also had established the vintage look as a value to be leveraged to attract the viewer's interest.

USA is the best example that is given, we must not forget the multimillionaire figures who work with the American TV networks. TFor example "Mad Men," "The Hours", "Bates Motel" .... In our country we, can not left behind the well-known Tv serie "Cuéntame".

Art, mainly photography, has also paid attention to the recovery of the twentieth century aesthetics. The most representative figure would be, among others, the Deutsch photographer Erwin Olaf, who performed in a masterly work of archeology of the American 50´s. In our country, Marta Soul Quijano, makes clear in some of his work, as in the series "Idylls", how to combine fashion, furniture and architecture to create a unique atmosphere and bring us back to the recent ,but unrepeatable past.

Fashion is one of the disciplines that draws on the aesthetics of the twentieth century as a constant reference, as a space that still allows the review, the discovery of spaces and formulas aren-t known yet .

erwin olaf - the hallwayElise Crombez Ymre Stiekema Guinevere Van Seenus Meghan Collison Natasha Poly  Katryn Kruger by Steven Meisel Prada Spring-Summer 2012

 In the past, we have seen collections like Marc Jacobs, head of the house Vuitton, the 50s, the new look, the eastern French 20´s or 60´s, the optical British.

This vision, rather than synthetic, allows us to understand how the vintage look had revisioned the styles of the twentieth century.It has become a working tool and a constant reference that use all kinds of contemporary artistic disciplines.

And we ask ourselves, is it turns to the past by the lack of new ideas? Does the future is the past? Time of economic crisis is time of crisis of ideas? ....



mad-men-0909-05                                                                                                                                                                             tumblr mdgwnqrfc61ro7o1oo1 400





1960´s decor.


ball-chairThe decoration of the 1960´s acts like a crucible, where it reflects all the advances of the new society.The women takes a new roll, away from the simply housewife during the 1950´s.

In 1965,the mini-skirt appeared, one garment wich showed the independent character of the women who enjoyed the sixties. The moon landing, the pop art, festivals like Woodstock, the psycodelia...All this exaggerated and countercultural motions, created a new aesthetic wich had their own influence in the interior architecture.



In this decade, there were produced technologicall advances wich suposed the creation of new materials and also a new style.

This materials let new possibilities in design and the construction of new furnitures. The perplex, the vynile or the fiber will be some of the new products wich generated a new esthetic, actually knowed as retro-futurism. With all the technicall innovations, the colour was the main character. Colour and psycodelia were in a privilege position in upholstery and painted papers, elements with an influence wich grew very high in the 1970´s.  



Italy will be one of the more innovative countries of this decade. Joe colombo stands like one of their biggest representatives.  

Joe_ColomboVico Magistretti, Castiglioni, Gaetano Scolari, Eero Aarnio were some of the designers who exemplifly this aesthetic change, where the 1960´s are very knowed.

1950´s. The welfare state and the consumer society.

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After the Second World War and after the difficult process of rebuilding a devastated Europe after the war, the USA standed as a new artistic and cultural center where many artists found refuge. This situation is a perfect breeding ground in which we obtained the most important milestones in furniture design from the twentieth centuury to the other side of the pond.

ANUNCIO_RECETAS872B475D1In the field of interior decoration in the 50´s there is a fundamental change that marked this decade and will have a clear reflection on the whole of society. Geographically, we put all these developments in the United States, a country that after fully recover from what had been the crisis of 1929, created what we now know as a consumer society.

The increase of media and the undeniable role of advertising, makes the Americans of the 50´s generate a craving for change in society, a new home, a new space on which to establish the ideal family and again look at advertising fees. This creates the need to adquire new products, new looks, new furniture, new objects wich ultimate a new life.


The increase of designers and artists within American borders and the growing demand for a new aesthetic objects and present were the perfect couple for the breakthroughs that happened during the 50´s.


The approach to the design of any item of furniture at this time changes dramatically. It removes all kinds of decorative elements and the use of materials that recall a more or less close. One of the most innovative features within this decade, will be the incorporation of ergonomics as a feature inherent in almost all of the mid-century designs.