The base of L.A Studio is created from the wonderful art of antiques. Since the concern of the third generation of a family of antiques, bear up a proposed merger that bet primarily for aesthetics of yesterday integrating innovation and contemporary design. In 2002 was inaugurated in the traditional neighborhood of "El Rastro" , the LA Studio´s is a showroom in a former garage of 700 square meters. From there they shape this unique aesthetic continuing the constant search for the unique and eclectic, developing its own designs and supporting the personality of unique pieces of yesterday and today.



This is what makes us be in constant motion since our inception, finding a very particular and close aesthetics.
Exclusive environments, fusing historic pieces of the XX century design, selected antiques and curios from any place and time.The idea, get every piece adapting to today, to our way of life, make it more pleasant, closer, easier.
One project, the constant pursuit of innovation and old merger between taking care of quality and aesthetics.

An environment, we have reached to identify us by our environments unclassifiable and exclusive, in which each piece regains its prominence wrapped in a perfect symbiosis between past and future. All this to frame the different options that history gives us in our present, a present in which the professionals that make decorating your lifestyle can find in us the perfect fusion of styles.

XX Century

We talked about eclecticism?  That's what we want to communicate. Use these known designs of the great architects and industrial designers of the twentieth century, to mix with variegated pieces both aesthetically and origin.

Dare to feel these pieces as unique reinvéntalas and let us show you how we joined environments baroque-inspired sixties, or the best of the fifties.


Exclusive Desings by L.A Studio



The core of our concept and our space is our unique wall panels and trusses. Produced in lacquered DM , we wanted to create an easy to install system that lets you do more things than you can imagine. Imagine textures and colors that can also be easily applied to environments giving the possibility to use them as constructive or decorative system, separation of environments, headboard, etc ...

Both the panels and louvers have a standard of 122 x 244 cm. and different finishes: natural, semi, color lacquered, antique gold and antique silver. In our catalog section you can see our wide variety. Remember,  for any questions about our products or rates, please contact us at phone number 91 365 75 66 or via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it