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Visita Virtual de Nuestro Showroom

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Ya podeis realizar una visita virtual a nuestro Showroom.

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L.A STUDIO in 1stdibs



We are also in 1stdibs, the antiques web where most of the bestst antiques dealers of the world get together to sell their pieces.


Notice: the price of the shipper to paris as an indication of the company and also the package in a wood box is included in the price that appears in the web of 1stdibs.




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Alaska in Casa decor

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If you couldn´t see tonight Alaska & Mario you can see it on the MTV web. The part of Casa Decor appears until minute 5:00. 


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Don´t forget to watch tonight the TV programme Alaska & Mario.Alaska will do a visit with pepino marino & Crawford.You could see them in our site of L.A Studio.Tonight t 10 p.m in MTV.Alaska en Casadecor