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Concave sculptural mirror with a convex lense, Made of hand-molded and patinated glass, which makes each piece unique. Supported by bronze anchors

Measurements: Diameter 180 x H20 cm

«Ultrafragola» mirror from the Mobili Grigi series designed by Ettore Sottsass and edited by Poltronova. Made in perplex with neon pink inside. No dimmable lighting.


The Mobili Grigi series is about a set of furniture that was conceived for the bedroom and living room but never made it past the prototype phase, with the exception of the «Ultrafragola» mirror.


Ettore Sottsass (1917 - 2007) was a prominent Italian architect and designer of the second half of the 20th century. He worked as a design consultant for Olivetti for more than twenty years, making for the signature “Valentina” typewriter (1969) or the “Elea 9003” calculator, among other classic designs. Throughout his career he collaborated with prominent figures from the world of architecture and design, such as Aldo Cibic, James Irvine and Matteo Thun. In 1981 he founded the Memphis Group, of which he would be one of the leaders, together with Bárbara Radice.


Measurements: W 100 x D 13 x H 195 cm

VAT not included
Sculptural concave mirror with convex lens, handcrafted with molded glass making each piece unique. Anchors in bronze. France.

Measurements: Diameter 117 x H 23 cm

Pair of snake-shaped candelabra made of brass by hand.

Measurements: W 18 x D 12 x H 26


Mirror model «2044» with interior lighting designed by Max Ingrand for Fontana Arte made of Murano glass. Composed of eighteen pieces of glass on the surface and details and anchors in brass. Italy 1960s.

Measurements: Diameter 74 x D 17 cm

Modern French designer, decorator and glazier Max Ingrand was born in Bressuire in 1908. He studied interior design at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, specializing in decorative arts with the decorator and glazier Jacques Gruber and the architect Charles Lemaresquier.

During his career, Ingrand produced numerous stained glass panels for public spaces, religious institutions, hotels, and more. He was artistic director of the Italian contemporary lighting company Fontana Arte for ten years, beginning in 1954. During that period, he created several successful lamps, including the Fontana table lamp (1954), which is still in production today.

Ingrand passed away in Paris in 1969.

Bowl - salad bowl model «Haas Fox Monster» designed by The Haas Brothers, handcrafted in glazed biscuit ceramic and bronze details. U.S.

Measurements: W 33 x D 28 x H 29 cm - 5.5 liters

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Mirrors with coat rack model "Gronda" designed by Luciano Bertoncini (1939) and winners of the second prize in 1971 in the Abet Print competition. Edited and produced by Elco (during Joe Colombo's time as art director). Made with structure and frame in black plastic fiber. Front in mirror and smoked mirror with opening for coat rack. Italy 70s.

Medidas: D 6 x L 19 x H 200 cm por pieza


Sculpture of the head of the god Zeus in living sea stone made by the sculptor Félix Pascua (Santander 1932) with the hand chopping technique. Unique piece.

Measurements: W 40 x D 28 x H 48 cm

VAT not included

Sculptural concave mirror, made of hand-made patinated and molded glass, making each piece unique with bronze anchors. France.

Medidas: Diámetro 107 x H 18 cm

Organic shaped vase made of hand-molded glazed terracotta.

Measurements: W 45 x D 45 x H 54 cm

VAT not included

Sculptural concave mirror, made of hand-made patinated and molded glass, making each piece unique with bronze anchors. France.

Measurements: Diameter 118 x H 18 cm