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«Nos», knots series, 2019.

Photography on gold leaf.

Paula Anta


Paula Anta He was born in Madrid in 1977, graduated and received a doctorate in Fine Arts with an international mention. His academic and research training has been developed, in addition to Spain, in Frankfurt (Atelierfrankfurt artistic creation scholarship) and Cologne (Germany), Colegio de España in Paris (France) 3 and the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome (Italy). He has also carried out projects in Senegal, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, as well as in India and South Korea or in Latin American countries such as Peru (Pillpa 10 photographic project), Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela, from which some have emerged. of his series.


Knots: Memory Topologies

The world has become chaos. The nature that represents it continues to be an image of the world, but accesses a higher unity. Chaos, when we enact it in our imagination, when we rescue it from our previous memory, represents a series of very diverse forms, from its superficial extension branched in all directions to its concretions in condensations or clusters (bulbs, tubers, tangles). An agglomeration of lines that can appear jumbled together or suspended between different points in a space. A tangle of lines that have no body, color, texture, or any other tangible quality: their nature is abstract, conceptual, rational. These lines are still perceived as a movement and a development. A movement that in appearance is not felt, it is not known where it is going, it is not perceived to which law it responds. It seems like a movement that is guided by a kind of freedom of unions and intersections, by an invisible and continuous transformation.

But vegetable clusters are organized following an order that obeys universal laws. The tangled branches are not forgotten as parts of a ruin. The rhizomes do not spread solely for a condition of survival, of subsisting on land. The knots that are derived by these accumulations of branches do not settle on a surface in a chaotic way. All this vegetal maelstrom corresponds to a universal order, although its appearance is confusing and causes us confusion.

Measurements: W 126 x D 5 x H 186

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